Star Hobson’s killer walks around prison with ‘big smile’ on her face, inmate claims

Star Hobson ‘s evil killer is walking around prison surrounded by personal protection guards with a “big smile” on her face, inmates claim.

Savannah Brockhill is currently serving a life sentence for murdering the 16-month old in September 2020.

The amateur boxer – who inflicted “utterly catastrophic” injuries on the tot – is now reportedly parading around prison smiling.

She is also said to be surrounded by a sea of guards, preventing her from being attacked by other inmates.

The 29-year-old is currently being held at HMP Styal in Cheshire for a minimum 25-year term after stomping little Star to death.

Now in a shocking update an inmate at the prison has revealed Brockhill’s sick conduct in jail.

Channel 5 followed the unnamed prisoner during her time in jail for the documentary HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars.

The anonymous prisoner – who was still serving time when Brockhill arrived – claims the killer has to be flanked by “four to five” guards whenever she leaves her cell.

Revealing the logistics behind this, the inmate said: “We’ve all seen it on the news, but then to have the actual person be actually thrown into Styal.

“Everyone was at the windows, everyone was screaming, shouting.

“But luckily enough, we were all locked in at the certain time [she came in] so no one can get to her.”

She also went on to claim that twisted Brockhill struts around the place with a “big grin” planted on her face, adding: “You don’t go and do that to your kid and go walk around the prison with a big smile on your face thinking no one’s gonna get you.

“I don’t know how she can live with herself knowing that she did that and she’s still walking around with a big smile on her face.”

During Brockhill’s sentencing in December last year, Star’s family watched a clip of the pub bouncer punching and slapping the little girl “considerable force” 21 times over, during a three-hour period.

The brutal attack – which took place in her car – made Star fall out of the vehicle at one point.

And on 22 September 2020, paramedics raced to the home to find Star lifeless, pale and wearing only a nappy.

Upon their arrival, they found Star vomiting “large amounts of brown material”, and in a cardiac arrest.

Audio of the haunting 999 call made by Brockhill was released by police.

The sick woman claims she was in the kitchen making coffee when she heard a “bang” coming from the living room.

Star was there playing with three other children, but when questioned what the bang was Brockhill said she didn’t know if Star had “fallen off the sofa” or if it happened when she was playing.

The toddler was airlifted to hospital, but sadly couldn’t be saved and was declared dead shortly after.

A postmortem revealed previous brain injuries, fractured bones and internal organ injury.

Star’s monster mum, Frankie Smith, 20, was caged for eight years for causing or allowing the death.

The sentencing judge claimed the tot was caught in the crossfire of a toxic 10 month relationship between her mother and Brockhill.

However, Smith had her sentence increased by four years following a public backlash.