Mum astonished by ‘ridiculous’ comment from nursery staff about son

A mum was astonished by a ridiculous comment from nursery staff about her son.

Her 18-month-old boy suffered a “little bump” and was asked to fill in a form about his injury while at the premises.

Staff questioned how the injury happened and the nursery worker was told the youngster fell while his mum was in the shower.

She had left her 12-year-old son in charge of the toddler.

But EdinburghLive reported the kindergarten employee was “taken aback” that a child would be given the responsibility of watching his younger sibling.

On parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “DS (dear son) is 18 months old and goes to nursery.

“He had a little bump at the weekend (nothing major, just a little bump just above his eyebrow and a small mark).

“We had to fill in an existing injury form when he went to nursery as we’ve done a couple of times when he’s had the odd scratch/bruise.

“Anyway, when they asked how it had happened, I that I was taking a shower and his brother (12, 13 in a month, he’s my stepson not that it matters) was watching him for 10 minutes and he’d fallen when they were playing.”

The nursery worker was almost aghast that his brother had watched him and said it was “far too young to be responsible for a baby!”

She continued: “He’s nearly 13 and is very mature and absolutely brilliant with his brother.

“DS is a normal wobbly toddler so does have falls and scrapes every now and then and it was nothing his brother did wrong.

“I was upstairs for 10 mins and in the same house! His brother gave him a cuddle and he was fine, I didn’t even know it had happened until I came down as he wasn’t upset for long.

“AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to be annoyed by the comment and think it was OTT (over the top)?”

Before long, the post had received dozens of replies from fellow users.

Most of the commenters were in agreement that the nursery worker was being “ridiculous”.

One said: “YANBU (you are not being unreasonable) to be irritated, it’s totally normal your other boy watching him for a few minutes.

“Just let it wash over you. There’s always someone ready to judge!”

A second echoed: “Some 13 year olds yes – fine to baby sit. Some 13 year olds no way.

“She shouldn’t have made a sweeping statement like that. Bad form.”

A third agreed: “She’s just being a dope. I’d assume she doesn’t have kids.”

Meanwhile, a fourth stated: “Could have happened with anyone babysitting.

“You can’t hover over them 100% of the time.

“13 is plenty old enough to watch a toddler whilst you have a quick shower. Ridiculous thing for her to say.”

But others took the side of the nursery worker, with one writing: “I think YANBU but tbh, I wouldn’t have mentioned the 12-year-old being on duty when it happened to nursery.

“You know that he’s v responsible and there’s no issue but I can see why they need to mention that it could be a risk.”

A second agreed: “I’m afraid I agree. 13 is too young to be responsible for a toddler.

“Nipping upstairs to get something, taking the rubbish out to the bins, playing in the garden whilst you’re watching through the kitchen window – all ok.

“But having a shower for 10 minutes on a different floor in the house is a stretch too far.”